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Portfolio Agreement

Effective Date: June 9, 2023

This Portfolio Agreement for Voura, Inc. (doing business as Voura) ("Voura"), constitutes a legally binding agreement between the Client and Voura concerning the portfolio allocation and investment decisions made by Voura in the management of a Client brokerage account.

This Agreement shall act as an addendum to the Client Agreement and must be agreed to by the Client before account creation.




Voura conducts a Know Your Customer (KYC) questionnaire for each Client upon creating a Client brokerage account. This questionnaire allows Voura to understand the personal demographic information pertinent to managing the Client's account. The main focus of the questionnaire is a personal interest section used to allocate a portion of the Client's capital at portfolio creation.

As the Client continues to invest in their brokerage account, Voura reserves the right to prompt the Client for additional data regarding net worth, risk tolerance, income, and other investing profile information. Voura may or may not use this information to update the portfolio allocation of the Client.


Given the risk-averse nature of Voura and its target market, a conservative portfolio allocation will be automatically created for each Client upon account creation. This portfolio consists of a combination of bond ETFs (corporate, international, and government), short-term U.S. Treasury ETFs, commodity ETFs, equity ETFs, and cash holdings. As Voura aims for long-term, consistent performance, the portfolio has a higher weighting for income-generating assets such as bonds and Treasuries and a lower weighting for highly volatile, growth assets such as technology ETFs.

Each Client will have a portion of their portfolio allocated to their desired interest, such as technology, gaming, health & fitness, travel, shopping, or food & beverage. This portion of the Client's portfolio is unique to them, based on the answers to their KYC questionnaire. Once selected, the Client may update their interest in the Voura application. However, Voura does not guarantee that the Client's portfolio will be immediately updated to reflect the change in interest.

Upon completion of Client onboarding but before account creation, Voura will show the Client the portfolio chosen for them. The Client agrees that, by creating an account with Voura, this risk-averse portfolio is aligned with their investing goals and grants Voura the right to invest all incoming deposits into the aforementioned portfolio. Any Client that does not explicitly agree to the portfolio allocation may not create a Voura brokerage account. Should a Client decide that the portfolio is no longer suitable for their long-term investment goals, it is the responsibility of the Client to liquidate their Voura brokerage account and withdraw their funds.


Voura may modify or amend the Client's portfolio at any time. The Client acknowledges that Voura does not have the responsibility to proactively notify the Client of changes to their portfolio and therefore agrees to periodically visit the holdings sections of the application to view any allocation updates.

While Voura does not require written or verbal explanation to the Client for portfolio modifications or rebalancing, this will most often occur due to changing market conditions, fee optimization opportunities, and financial analysis recommendations. However, any modification executed by Voura shall be done in the best interest of the Client as required by law.

Voura will make every effort to reduce tax implications of portfolio rebalancing, but does not guarantee any tax benefit for the Client. It is the Client's responsibility to consult with a tax advisor for details on the implications of a portfolio rebalancing executed by Voura.