We have sunset Voura and shut down the app as of April 15th, 2024. Read the announcement for more information.Details

Friends that invest together

Get rewarded together

The first investment account that makes it easy to give and receive

Give money that goes straight into your friend's investment account
and we'll match your gift at 1%

Send or request a gift

You can add money to any Voura user's investment account or request a gift from others to contribute to yours.

Mobile phone with Voura gift screen, showing options to Send or Request a gift, balance of $76 in gifts received, $100 in gifts sent, and a list of transactions showing the gifts sent and received.

Support those you love

It's hard to build wealth alone.

Simply enter the recipient's phone number and amount you'd like to give. We'll notify them via text immediately after you send the gift.

Mobile phone with Voura 'Send gift' screen, showing a recipent field, amount of $125 to send, $1.25 VouraMatch amount, and selected bank account to send from.

Give the gift that lasts

Help the newlyweds start their nest egg or the new grad get a head start. Join in the celebration of life's big moments. The possibilities are endless.

Not sure what to put on your birthday wish list?

We've got an idea.

With Voura, you can generate a unique gift link to send out to friends and family that allows them to give directly into your investment account.

Mobile phone showing text message chat; first user sent photos and said 'Had such a great time last weekend! BTW - birthday ideas?' and user responded 'Yes! please help fill up my investment account.' followed by a link to Give with Voura.

Be rewarded today.

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  • Make your first deposit
  • Get rewarded with a 1% match
  • Automatically enter sweepstakes
  • Sit back, relax and grow your wealth