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Match Terms and Conditions

Effective Date: May 15, 2023

The Voura, Inc. ("Voura") 1% Match is subject to the following Terms and Conditions.


The Voura 1% Match is automatically applied to all new money deposits of at least twenty-five (25) dollars contributed from an external bank account for Clients who passed all CIP requirements by DriveWealth, LLC ("DriveWealth") upon account creation and have a brokerage account in good standing at Voura.


Eligible Clients will be awarded a 1% match on all new money deposits, to be paid out over a vesting period lasting twenty-four (24) thirty (30) day periods or seven hundred and twenty (720) days. The total Match Award value will be equal to the deposited amount multiplied by 1% (0.01).

Thirty (30) days after the date of the successful and cleared incoming ACH transaction, Voura will deposit one twenty-fourth (1/24) of the Match Award rounded to the nearest cent into the Client's brokerage account. At this time, the Client's Match Award may be considered one twenty-fourth (1/24) vested. For each subsequent thirty (30) day period until the twenty-fourth (24) period, on the thirtieth (30) day the Client's Match Award will continue to vest and Voura will deposit one twenty-fourth (1/24) of the Match Award rounded to the nearest cent into the Client's brokerage account. On the twenty-fourth (24) period, Voura will subtract the total vested Match Award from the total Match Award value rounded to the nearest cent and deposit that amount into the Client's brokerage account. The Match Award will then be considered fully vested and no further deposits will be made.

As an example, if the Client deposits $1,000, their total Match Award value would be equal to $10. They would receive $0.42 deposited into their account every thirty (30) days starting thirty (30) days after their deposit and would receive $0.34 deposited in their account on the final day of award vesting for a total of $10 awarded.


Should the Client choose to withdraw funds from their Voura account, they may be subject to unvested Match Award cancellation depending on the current state of their account. Award cancellation is determined by calculating the Client's Net Withdrawal. Net Withdrawal is a measure of how much of the investment gains or cost basis the Client is withdrawing from. Voura will not penalize the Client for withdrawing from net investment gains and will only process Award cancellations when the withdrawal amount is greater than the net investment gains.

Net Withdrawal may be calculated by the following formula:

Net Withdrawal = Attempted Withdrawal - max(Net Investment Gains, 0)

Net Investment Gains may be calculated by the following formula:

Net Investment Gains = Available Account Balance - Lifetime Deposits

If the Net Withdrawal is less than zero (0) dollars, no Award cancellation is necessary. If the Net Withdrawal is greater than zero (0) dollars, the Cancellation Amount is equal to the Net Withdrawal multiplied by 1% (0.01).

If the Cancellation Amount is greater than zero (0) dollars, Voura will notify the Client of the amount in the withdrawal process in the application. Should the Client decide to continue with the withdrawal, Voura will cancel a number of unvested Match Awards equal to the value of the Cancellation Amount. Match Award cancellations are permanent and final and will immediately cease vesting upon cancellation. Canceled Match Awards will not have any effect on new money deposits and newly awarded Match Awards.

As an example, if the Client is attempting a withdrawal of $200, has deposited $1,000 over their lifetime as a Voura Client, and has a current account balance of $1,100, the Net Withdrawal would equal $100. They would subsequently have $100 of unvested Match Awards canceled.


At any time, for any reason, and without prior notice, Voura has the right to decline or cancel a Match Award. Fraudulent activity or attempts at gaming the Voura 1% Match Award program will result in cancellation of all Match Awards for the Client and could result in closure of the Voura account. Voura has the right to change the terms and conditions of the Voura 1% Match Award at any time without notice.

Access to the Voura 1% Match Award is restricted to Voura Clients in good standing and is not transferable to any other Client. Liquidation or account closure will lead to full cancellation of all unvested Match Awards.


The Voura 1% Match Award is considered to be interest earned in the Client's brokerage account for tax purposes. The Match Award will be considered taxable income for the Client and it is the Client's responsibility to consult a tax specialist for any advice regarding the tax implications of the Award. Voura will not provide tax advice to the Client.


For questions regarding the Match Award, please contact us through post at:

Voura, Inc.
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